#nofilter woowoo deck


124 cards that serve you the kind of astrology you actually understand.

The deck helps you break down the different archetypes of the zodiac according to your attitude, your feelings, how you deal with money, your mind, the masks you put on, your alter ego, and more.

Let cosmic influences merge with common sense through brutally honest astrology-based advice. (Definitely not for the faint of heart, we tell you!) No Filter tells it like it is without all the confusing celestial mumbo jumbo you really don’t need to hear. The cards play it straight up so you can figure your sh*t out—stat.

This deck was created by Mikko Sumulong (@mixfonts) & Chinggay Labrador (@practical_magical).

Dimensions: Standard Trump Card Size Deck (2.45 x 3.95 inches)

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#nofilter Woowoo deck, Woowoo deck + Practical Magic Birth Chart